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Wavy Tubes & Wavy Guys

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Specials Tubes

TMP also make those tubes custom made in all kind of shapes and sizes. For all possibilities please ask our account managers for advise.

Wavy Tubes

Moving inflatables are a great way to attract people's attention, and a WavyTube is an inexpensive way to accomplish this. They can be ordered in a simple stock color, or customized with your logo and text.


2-Legged Wavy Guys

It's a WavyGuy, but with two legs instead of one. Because they use two blowers, they can be ordered in heights of 30-35 ft tall, and can even be used as an entrance to events by having people walk between the legs.

Wavy Guys

WavyGuys are similar to the WavyTubes, but with arms, a friendly face, and hair. They can also be ordered in a plain stock colour, or with the words like "SALE" or a custom imprint.