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Custom Made Tents

TMP International specializes in making custom-made tents, so they're made to your exact specifications. You get a functional and eye-catching original that's completely geared to your target audience. It could be a tent in the shape of a product, a 3D replica that is part of the tent, or simply at tent in the shape of your logo.

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Advertising Balloons & Branded Inflatable Media

Air Domes

An Air Dome is an ideal solution for outdoor activities, especially temporary ones, that require shelter, such as a sporting event or concert. These are great for industrial applications as well, such as a temporary storage unit. The dome is quick and easy to install and take down.



Spider Tents

The TMP inflatable Spider tents are original, very quick to set up, and take up little space during transportation and storage, making them an ideal shelter for events. The standard spider tent usually has 4 or 5 legs with an inflatable roof above it. As with the other customizable products, the artwork and color are chosen by you.