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Promotion Walkers

The TMP Promotion Walkers are a great idea for a promotion or event. The implementation is simple: it's a comfortable backpack combined with an airtight inflatable PVC item, displayed either on a support rod or straight on the back. It's very often simply a balloon, but with our full-customization abilities, the possibilities are endless.

Inflatable Suits

Inflatable costumes come in all shapes and sizes. With their unique look, they're a real crowd pleaser! These hardy suits are inflated by a small back-mounted blower which is worn by the person inside the costume.

Foam Suits

A foam suit is an original and striking way to promote your product or brand at festivals and events. Your own mascot or product is recreated (up to 3 meters), and brings your message to life. TMP makes both inflatable and non inflatable walking suits. A foam suit is ideal if you want to angular shapes with square corners.

Fabric Costumes

Like other TMP costumes, the fabric costume suits are real crowd pleasers. Unlike inflatable suits, these fabric costumes are suitable for direct contact with your audience. And with each costume, Publi-Air offers a digital rendering of your design completely free of charge.