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Foil Balloons

Foil balloons are an inexpensive advertising idea for events and promotions. At TMP International, we can manufacture these 2D balloons in whatever shape you want, and with whatever artwork you would like on it.​

Foil Balloons, Latex Balloons & Self Inflating Balloons

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Advertising Balloons & Branded Inflatable Media

Giant Latex Balloons

Giant latex balloons are great for grabbing peoples' attention, and withe their low price point, they're an easy solution for short-term advertising promotions. They're available in different predetermined sizes, with the ability to have your custom artwork printed on, and can be filled with either air or helium. And unlike the foil balloons, these giant latex balloons can be supplied in small quantities.

Self Inflating Balloons

This self-inflating balloon does just what the name says- it inflates on its own! TMP provides a number of stock designs to choose from, but it is also possible to have them created in your own custom design. Ask us about the options and the minimum volume (CE Certified).